Seth Rogen on Sony Hack

Picture source: LA Times

The stars from The Night Before, the upcoming film that critics are saying looks like a Christmas edition of The Hangover, spoke with The LA Times together with the film’s director and co-writers, Jonathan Levine, who also did 50/50 and Warm Bodies. Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon Levitt are the stars of the new film set to come out November 19th (the trailer will be at the bottom of this post).

In the interview, Rogen discussed the Sony hack from last year and how it impacted him. If you weren’t in the know, his film, The Interview, was blamed for Sony’s massive hack. Whether it is true or not, it caused a limited release for the film due to threats against theatres that were going to screen the film. Here is some of the interview and some of what Rogen said. I will post the full interview at the bottom.

Rogen on if there are “any lasting repercussions” from the Sony Hack a year later. 
It’s amazing — on Friday we were at a meeting in [former Sony co-Chair] Amy Pascal’s office and she mentioned how Scott Rudin was going to have a meeting with her later in the day, and as we were leaving, we were like, “Nothing has changed!” Everyone kept working — maybe with new titles and in new offices, but everyone is fine and still on good terms with one another.
People move on very fast, and people love a new story. I’d been a part of the entertainment news cycle before, but it was weird to be a part of the real news cycle. And it made me respect the “news” news much less. You just saw how they dealt with it and you’re like, “They’re just as bad as the entertainment news!”

This made me happy, the part about the “real news cycle.” Rogen is usually so goofy, and doesn’t seem at all the type to be apart of the news world, so the fact that this kind of brought him down to it all is kind of fascinating to me.

“Was it hard to keep your sense of humor through all of that?”
I tried. It sucked. It was the hardest professional thing I’ve ever had to deal with. But on a personal level, I wasn’t afraid for my life. Me and my wife weren’t fighting about it or anything like that. No one was mad at us for it — we weren’t getting calls from the studio yelling at us. In some sense something traumatic had happened, and in some sense it was sort of like a movie bombing, which happens all the time to everybody. It’s nice that [Sony] just let us keep working. It’s shocking. Our office is still at Sony. They let us stay. It’s crazy. [Laughs]

Oh the famous Seth Rogen laugh is miraculous!

Other snippets…

Levine on his inspiration for making the film
When we were sound-mixing 50/50, Seth and [producing partner] Evan [Goldberg] asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do, and I had a very early form of this idea, which was just that there’s no Christmas movie for our generation. Living in New York, I had always gone out with my friends on Christmas, and crazy things would inevitably happen.

Gordon-Levitt on if he could relate to his character
Speaking as a new father, I actually think the baby storyline in this movie is really sweet and actually quite subtle and honest and way more resonant to me than your average Hollywood comedy about new parenthood.

So, overall this movie looks pretty hilarious. I mean Rogen can really do no   wrong at this point in his career, first with the Steve Jobs film and then to this, quite a versatility in his acting which I love.

Check out the trailer and the full interview with Levitt, Rogen, Levine and Mackie!







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