picture source: Today.com

Charlie Sheen’s ‘Today’ interview: he was diagnosed with HIV four years ago. J

Interviewed by Jack Lauer this morning, though Sheen’s manager released the announcement yesterday of the HIV diagnosis.

Since the announcement, the entertainment world has gone crazy with stories, speculations and rumours about Sheen’s former lovers.

Here is the full interview if you want to read: http://www.today.com/health/charlie-sheen-reveals-hes-hiv-positive-today-show-exclusive-t56391

Some of the biggest headlines from the exclusive

  • he’s known his HIV status for four years
  • also admits after his diagnosis he was still paying prostitutes for sex
  • claims he told all sexual partners about his HIV status and has only had unprotected sex with two women who were “warned ahead of time” and cared by his doctor
  • being medicated with antiretroviral medication

According to TMZ, Sheen has been paying some of his former partners hush money so they would not reveal his secrets over the past four years.

As of today, according to Sheen, this hush money will now stop due to coming out to the public.

And honestly, doesn’t Sheen pay child support? This “hush money” should’ve been going to the kids, not to pay off people about your HIV status.

So, the question is, does the public care? Do we still care about Charlie Sheen?

Well, of course this is devastating. But, this was a ploy to stop paying loads of money to famous, already rich people. So, does that answer the question?



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