Kylie Jenner breaks Tyga’s Heart

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TMZ broke the story yesterday about Kylie Jenner, 18, youngest of the Kardashian clan, broke up with older rapper boyfriend, Tyga, 26.

Sources say that after returning from her trip in Australia last Thursday, the couple split. TMZ spoke to one source saying that its, “something that Tyga did.” Cheating rumours are swirling the internet.

TMZ also reports that another source has confirmed the split was Kylie’s idea, and that it was due to “pressure from the Kardashians.”

In regards to this story, well, the couple has had some major backlash for their romantic involvement due to their age difference. Jenner just turned 18 in August, but the couple was reportedly dating prior to this, making Jenner then 17, illegal for Tyga to date in Calabasas.

This caused great controversy for the media world and for Tyga’s ex, Black Chyna. Chyna was in constant battle with Jenner in the media over Tyga’s and Jenner’s relationship. But, it all quieted down when Jenner finally turned 18.

Now, just three months later, here we are.. a breakup.

Though I don’t like to think celebrities have feelings, they do. And I am sure both parties are hurting if this is all true. But, if the whole pressure from the other Kardashians is true, well maybe the whole ‘sisters intuition’ is true, and they are looking out for Kylie. I hope so. This breakup is sad, but not surprising.

TMZ source:


UPDATED; Kylie Jenner has seen been interviewed by Ellen Degeneres since my this post. She said her and Tyga were fine, and still together. Though reports are speculating that live-in boyfriend Tyga, is moving out of Jenner’s Calabasas home.


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