Kylie Jenner and Tyga, Totally Together but for how much longer?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship have been on the rocks recently due to rumours and headlines swirling.

Jenner, 18 and the youngest of the Kardashian clan, was recently interviewed on Ellen Degeneres Show, and Degeneres obviously asked what everyone wanted to know.

E!Online reveals that the couple has decided to ‘take a break,’ meaning that the 26 year-old rapper has moved out of Jenner’s Calabasas home.

The social media world was shocked during Tyga’s 26th birthday last week, when Jenner was not present at any of the birthday festivities and the famous instagramer didn’t post anything on her account for her hubby. But fans were relieved when Jenner posted a snapchat with Tyga, captioning, ‘Everyone needs to chill.’ But this didn’t exactly make fans feel any better, but once Jenner and Tyga stepped out together after the American Music Awards last week. And Tyga joined the Kardashian family thanksgiving over the weekend as well. Proving the two are still a couple… But are things rocky?

Sources tell E!Online that the two like their space, and they want to still be together, therefore the move out was necessary.

Moving in your boyfriend at 18? Ok, Kylie do you girl. I mean, if I owned a home for $2.7 million, I would want my space too since there is so much of it. I think this is a case of one to many egos in one house. I don’t even know how Kim and Kayne do it, but there on a whole other level of love I’m thinking. Anyways, these two are both huge celebrities, who have their own lives outside their relationship, and they are young. Young love is great, but just not adult love people, remember that.

Nicole, theEntertainmentgirl


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