12/07/15: ‘Spotlight’ Named Best Film of 2015 by L.A. Film Critics

picture source: Boston Globe
The cast, including Racheal McAdams, Micheal Keaton, and Mark Ruffalo, at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. 

Los Angeles- Despite the fact that many of the awards went to “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the film “Spotlight,” a drama about the Pulitzer Prize winning investigation into sex abuses in the Catholic Church has been chosen as film of the year by the Los Angeles Film Critic Association.

The LAFCA is a high profile regional critic group. It often doesn’t recognize mainstream films in its annual choice list.

“Mad Max: Fury Road”, recieved three honours including best director, best cinematography, and best production design. The film won the most awards compared to any other film.

But the film came in second for film of the year to “Spotlight.”

Other winners included:

Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs, Best Actor

Amy, the life of the late pop singer, Amy Winehouse, Best Documentary

Director Ryan Coogler, Creed, LAFCA New Generation award.

A film that seemed to be getting tons of recognition in the New York Film Circle Awards this past week, was snubbed according to sources. Aside from Carter Burwell’s co-win for best score, the film seems to be lacking popularity in L.A.

Other films that are still award-friendly but were left out:

Joy, The Revenant,The Danish Girl, and Room. 

I haven’t seen Spotlight yet, but as journalist I really do want too. It seems to interesting and engaging for someone with my kind of interest of crime, investigation, etc.

Here are links to all the trailers of the films mentioned in this post:


“Mad Max: Fury Road” 

“Steve Jobs”





“The Renvenant

“The Danish Girl”


Nicole, theEntertainmentgirl


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