Hello celebrity enthusiasts!

Today in entertainment, the Star! magazine has published an entire issue on “Celebrity Secrets Exposed” by their former assistants!

These issues are so entertaining to me because I know at least 20 to 30 percent of what they say is somewhat true, and the other percent is just pure entertaining fun.

I thought I would share some great highlights of the issue, and some of the most bizarre accusations as well!

  1. Angelina Jolie: Apparently according to sources, Jolie is a “sore loser” when it comes to her bombed movies. The star allegedly demands her staff to watch her films and always give “positive feedback” no matter what (this included the big flop of 2015 “By the Sea”).
  2. Matthew McConaughey: This star is all about his food, in a really kind of strange way for most. According to sources, McConaughey, 46, wants his assistants to find the best restaurants in the cities he visits because he loves food so much, he actually gets “turned on” by food. Sources say he will actually sit and stare at his plate of food, so turned on, he will “talk dirty to the food.”
  3. Jessica Simpson: The singer and actress is apparently very snippy when it comes to paying the bar tab. Simpson, who has been photographed many times coming in and out of bars (looking intoxicating),so we know she enjoys a night out. According to sources, Simpson, 35, feels she is giving that venue “publicity” therefore they should be returning the favour by “comping” her (guys, this is total diva behaviour if this is true).
  4. Jennifer Aniston: While Aniston may look as young and beautiful as she did on “Friends” in the 90s, she is 46. This means that women get hot and hot fast, my friends, and it seems like Aniston is just like us and does too! According to sources, Aniston makes her assistants carry around fans and cubes of ice “in between scenes” because she is afraid of sweat.
  5. Julia Roberts: Apparently, Roberts still has her “Pretty Woman” costume, says sources. She allegedly wears it “once a year” for Danny, her husband. The even greater part to this story? Apparently Roberts has lent it out to famous niece, Emma Roberts, but believed she “didn’t have to body to fill it out” anyway (uhm… pardon me? This sounds nothing like to genuine and sweet Julia Roberts, but yeah never know!).
  6. Kim Kardashian: It is no secret that the Kardashians love plastic surgery and enhancing your body with fake-ness, but Kim is especially obsessed with looking perfect at all times. According to sources, from her liposuction surgeries she saves the fat as “leftovers” for facial fillers. She stores them in a bank and sometimes “uses it to inject in her butt.” (Not a shock can I just say..)

How much do we believe this?

I mean, we want to think stars are just like us, but in reality they are but just with more money therefore they can be this kind of crazy apparently!

The most shocking to me was the Julia Roberts vs. Emma Roberts thing. I loved the idea that Matthew McConaughey talks dirty to his food because I imagined he was just a creep like that for some reason. The one that turns me off completely about this person is Angelina Jolie because she just thinks her acting is amazing, even in terrible films. And of course she makes her staff watch and praise her, you’re Angelina Jolie you don’t want to hear you suck.

Read (here is the full article with other celebrity “secrets”) and comment below on what you thought was the most shocking, unbelievable, hilarious, or whatever!

– TheEntertainmentGirl

picture: voltairefoundation.wordpress.com

Star!Magazine source



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