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to the sad news first,

TMZ reported Doris Roberts, best known for her role on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” has passed away this Sunday.

Roberts, 90, won five Emmys throughout her 64-year long career, four from “Everybody Loves Raymond” where she played the mother of the main character, Ray (played by Ray Ramano).

Her fifth was for her role in “St. Elsewhere” (1982), winning for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

Roberts was married twice, the first being in 1956. She married Michael Cannata. They have one son together, who acted as his mother’s manager in her later career.

Her second marriage was in 1963 to William Goyen. Goyen died 20 years later in 1983, and she never remarried.

Roberts’ son acted as his mother’s manager in her later career, and gave the actress three grandchildren.

She is survived by her son Micael Cannata Jr.
Rest in peace to the woman who made me laugh as a young kid during the “Everybody Loves Raymond” days, she was always my favourite.

Photo source: Parade.com

2. And though we say goodbye to one, we say hello to another life being conceived!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are reportedly expecting their second child! Earlier today, Wilde took to Instagram to post a cute announcement photo with the pair’s son, Odis. The photo features Wilde and her son side-by-side holding their tummies, the caption reading, “Matching baby bumps.” Congrats to the couple!

Photo source: Instagram, OliviaWilde 

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