Friends, I am so sorry I haven’t wrote in awhile. My boss decided he needed to block a bunch of websites at work, including where I get all my sources for my blog posts. So unfortunately, I can’t blog as much at work as I would like too.

So, I will be starting to blog at home, at my cozy desk and not my very uncomfortable office chair.

I thought I would tell you a little bit of what has been happening in Toronto! Celebrities, basketball and albums are the themes of the week in the T dot.

Last night in Toronto, or the infamous “Six,” outside the Air Canada Centre, thousands of fans watched the giant television screen, projecting Game 5 Raptors vs. Pacers.

Dubbed “Jurassic Park” after the Raptors team, fans watched as their beloved home team played Game 5 away in Indianapolis.

Unfortunately for them the Raps lost their lead in the second half and lost to the Pacers, 101-83, detrimental to their playoff season.

But fans were over the moon when singer/rapper and Raptors Global Ambassador, Drake appeared in the sky, watching the ‘Views,’ if you will, from an condo building with two other friends.

Then it got even better for Raps fans, Drake came down to Jurassic Park and performed a mini concert for the fans, performing “Energy.”

It was pretty exciting for Toronto considering Drake dropped his “Views” album that same morning.

Watching it on my television screen, I instantly felt left out of all the amazing-ness going on downtown. I mean how Canadian can you get with thousands of Raptors fans cheering on their team, who aren’t even playing a home, and then Drake shows up… I was pretty jealous.

After the game, Drizzy continued his Toronto celebration with his album release party.

During the party, another familiar Canadian face popped up.

A now dred-less and shaved headed Justin Bieber surprised the crowd of people when showing up to congratulate and party with Drake.

Biebs greeted Drake with a hug, and Drake quoted saying, “It just got very Canadian and very real in here!”

I love this because it makes me feel super proud to be a Canadian. Both extremely successful, Biebs and Drake make Canada so happy and proud when they actually say they are Canadian (they rarely attend the Junos but I guess you have to pick and choose what the think).

I promise to be back soon,

bye for now though,

xoxox, theEntertainmentgirl


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