Who am I and Why am I here

Hi guys, So I have been trying to get my blog out there, but it is quite difficult. I have decided to do a couple of blogging workshops to sharpen my blogging skills.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am 20 years old, and currently studying to become a journalist. My program, broadcast journalism, focuses mainly on radio and television, scripting, editing, photography, and print is also an element in there as well. I love writing, reading and blogging more than anything in this world, other than maybe travelling while writing, reading and blogging. I have travelled to many wonderful places in the world, leaving my keen on what others places that I have never been have to offer. I have visited Rome, Greece, Vatican City, Pompeii, Dominican and Cuba. My ideal trip would be to backpacking all around Europe, or maybe Australia or Fiji. I am obsessed with learning new things about a culture, whether it is trying new food or learning a new language.

Why am I here?

Why am I blogging? I blog because it gives me purpose. I feel like blogging keeps me active in my journalist lifestyle while I am off on summer break from school (four months long people gotta do something!). I really love writing and always have, but I specifically love being able to take the reins of the story and add my own personality to it, which is what blogging does for me. I write about Hollywood and entertainment news, but I get to add my own opinion or just little comments about that certain story, not just tell the facts. It gives me a candid look at how people view things in the world and I will never not blog now!



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