If you see Justin Bieber, he doesn’t want a picture with you

Justin Bieber has decided to stop all pictures with fans.

In an Instagram posted yesterday, the Canadian singer explained why he has decided to stop taking pictures with fans, including selfies, or during public sightings.

Photo Source: Instagram/ @justinbieber

The 22-year-old says he feels like a “zoo animal” and just wants to be able to keep his “sanity.”

Bieber also said he doesn’t feel like he “owes anybody a picture,” because those who bought his album “you got what you paid for AN ALBUM!”

Fans went on a whirlwind and commented on the post.

Citing that Bieber was being a “douche” and needs to “get over it.” So, Bieber came back with another posting of one negative comment then one positive and explained further.

“If you think setting boundaries is being a douche I’m the biggest douche around but I think it’s smart and will be the only way I last.”

Earlier this year, Bieber took to Instagram to announce to his “Purpose” concert tour go-ers that he would be cancelling future meet-and-greets.

Photo Source: Instagram/@justinbieber

He cited than that he felt emotionally “drained” after the meet-and-greets, feeling the weight on his shoulders.

It seems as though Biebs is trying to live his life as normal as possible, but I think he is too late.

Think about it, Justin Bieber should’ve started this at the beginning of his career, he is way too famous now to try and think he can prevent fans from wanting a picture with him.

Recently, comedian Amy Schumer had a bad run in with a fan, and decided to stop taking pictures with fans as well.

BUT, she’s not Justin Bieber. (Sorry Amy, still love you girl)

Bieber is an icon, fans have been fans for years and years of his music.

This is a bad move on him and I think it will come back to bite him.



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