How much does a celebrity owe a fan? 

Do celebrities owe anything to their fans? 

Recently, Justin Bieber went on an Instagram rant about his decision to ultimately stop all fan pictures. This decision came just a short while after he took to Instagram last month to announce all future meet and greets with the singer will be cancelled on his current tour. 

Bieber cited he felt like a “zoo animal” when fans try and get a selfie or picture with him. He also said he doesn’t believe he owes anyone a picture. 

Recently, Amy Schumer decided the same thing as Biebs. Announcing she will no longer take fan photos because of a recent violent fan. 

Do we think this is fair of the celebrity? I mean, you signed up for the attention, the fame AND THE FORTUNE. Fans pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for tickets to get a glimpse of someone like Justin Bieber (don’t even get me started on how much people pay for meet and greets.) And now they can just decide to not take pictures with the people who have spent time, money and energy on being a fan (especially someone like the Biebs who hasn’t been a model citizen in the past couple of years.)

I think Justin Bieber is being an idiot to be honest. Even though it seems he is untouchable, he will lose fans over this. Why stay loyal if you are never going to meet this person you have obsessed over for years? 

I think he is being selfish and all this fame is getting to his head. Just a couple of days ago Bieber was spotted in Boston, barefoot, security behind him but far. I don’t really know what this means for Justin but I think we should keep an eye on this young 22-year-old boy, not the Canadian singing pop sensation he has been for years and years. 

Tell me what you think! 


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