Why did Belly and the Weeknd not perform on Jimmy Kimmel this week?

Rapper Belly is speaking out against why he and fellow Canadian artist, the Weeknd, cancelled their performance on “Jimmy Kimmel! Live!” last week unexpectedly.

Belly and the Weeknd cancelled their appearance last minute because of Trump’s appearance on the same night. Photo Source: 360 Magazine.

Belly cited the reason for the last minute cancellation was due to the fact that a certain political figure was going to appear on the same show… Can you take a guess?

Why of course its Donald Trump, presidential candidate.

Belly, his real name Ahmad Balshe, told CBC he got a ton of support when he cancelled his performance on Wednesday.

“I think people respected what I did,” Belly told CBC.

“I couldn’t be there celebrating that man. I felt like I was a court jester for a false king,” he said at his home in Los Angeles in his first on-camera interview since the cancellation.

Belly, a Palenstinian-Canadian and Muslim, said he wasn’t trying to be political in a sense, but was taking a stand on Trump’s promise to kick out all Muslims in the U.S. and would also affect Belly’s access to the U.S.

“I don’t take that for granted, that’s a privilege to me,” he said. “For no good reason, that could be stripped from me because of the faith I was born into, or a place I was born in. That’s ridiculous. That’s outlandish.”

Belly says most of the feedback from the cancellation was supporting and positive.

“99 per cent of people that are on my social media reaching out to me are all happy, and respectful, inspired, motivated by what I did,” he said about his thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. “Then you got the staunch Trump supporters that are telling me to go back to my country and that I don’t belong here.”

What do you guys think about this?

I am in the business of broadcast journalism, and I know that last minute cancellations on television and/or radio are difficult to deal with as a producer, or any employee on set.

It is a stressful time. But ultimately deciding not to appear because of Trump might have backfired on both Belly and Weeknd.

I say this because I had no idea Trump was even appearing on the show, but I knew that the Weeknd and Belly were performing.

Belly gave Trump free advertising on this appearance, therefore the viewers that were going to tune into watch Belly and Weeknd, probably decided to tune into the Trump interview to see if any drama would unfold.

I am really proud of my fellow Canadians, but sometimes celebrities make the wrong decision in these political messages they send.

Though we didn’t get to see them perform, check out music video for the duos latest hit together, “Might Not Make It.”


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