What’s Making Headlines Today.,

Here is what’s making headlines today,

  1. Update: “Glee” star, Mark Salling has been pulled from his latest mini series project called “Gods and Secrets,” after being indicted on child pornography charges.
    Mark Salling is best known for his long run as “Puck” on the musical comedy “Glee.” Photo Source: Matt Sayles/Associated Press.

    The director reached out to fans in a Facebook post to share why he has chosen to remove Salling from the series.

    “He has been cut from the mini-series, I will personally be paying for the reshoots, and I hope that Mark finds inner peace. Furthermore, a percentage of profits from the project will go to a charity for abused children,” director Adi Shankar said in a statement posted on Facebook. “The innocence of our planet’s children is something that must be protected at all costs. As entertainers, our role is to be the ‘conscience of humanity.”

    The decision comes only a couple days after the indictment announcement.

  2.  Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel haven been chosen to star in Disney’s new adaptation of a live action of “Mary Poppins,” which will be called “Mary Poppins Returns.”
    Photo Source: Getty Images.

    Blunt will of course play Mary Poppins, and Manuel will play a new character, a street lamplighter named Jack.

    The film takes place in Depression-era London and will follow a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks along with Michael’s three children. After suffering a personal loss, Mary Poppins and Jack visit the family and help them rediscover the excitement and joy of life again.

    Though some may be skeptical of how well the movie can do, I’m sure this casting can change some peoples’ minds.

    3. So my next post will be dedicated to the crazy story still brewing of Heard vs. Depp. It is too long to add to this post!



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