“The Hills” Set to Return For a Reunion Movie.

Feeling nostolgic today?

Well you will after I break this news to you,

A reunion movie for the ever-so-popular MTV’s “The Hills,” could be in the works, E! News reports. 

Photo Source: MTV.

The drama filled “reality” show stars, including Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavallari, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge, have all been approached with the idea, but talks are still in the works.

According to E!, Conrad, the one the show focused around the most for most of the seasons, is the only one not giving a full commitment.

Though there will be a 10 year anniversary special on MTV called “The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now,” this is supposed to be completely different.

A rep for MTV didn’t want to comment to E!

The tenth-year anniversary special will air on Tuesday, Aug 2 on MTV.

Conrad will step in front of the MTV cameras again to reveal some of the show’s secrets,  and to tell audiences what her life was like during those prime years of her stardom.

She will answer fan questions, what’s going on in her life now, etc.

In a blog post, Conrad wrote she recently watched the pilot episode, “The Hills,” for the first time in a decade (it premièred on May 31, 2006).

What do you think of a movie version of “The Hills?”

I personally loved this show because it was like when reality television wasn’t super popular and it was just a cool ass show, even if I know it was all fake now!

I say bring on the mascara-filled tears and the “You know what you did!,” scenes.



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