Justin Bieber Releases Video for “Company”

Justin Bieber released his new music video for the song “Company” yesterday.

The Canadian native stepped out of his normal story telling videos, and did a more personal one, including behind the scenes of his current “Purpose” tour.

Why do I think Bieber did this?

Recently, Bieber has been backing away from the media, from the fans, because he has felt like a “zoo animal” due to constantly being asked for pictures, etc.

I think Bieber set out this footage, including him crying during a concert performance, him snow boarding, and him in he studio, because it makes us love him again.

With all that he has denied of his fans now, he will no longer take pictures in  public with fans, he will no longer have meet and greets on his tour, Bieber needs to be more personable to his fans now.

This video gives audiences an inside view to his life.

Another reason why I think Bieber did this.

He was consistently saying he felt “drained” from all he does, and this video shows a lot of his life.

It shows how Bieber works every day, show to show, travelling all over the world.

It shows how  celebrity life can be so hectic, that sometimes they just want to be human (hence his decision to stop photos with fans and meet and greets).

What do we think of this video?

Watch it and comment below and let me know!

, theEntertainmentGirl


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