Why We Need To Stop Putting Faces To Murderers

ORLANDO, FLORIDA- As most of the world probably knows by now, Orlando was shaken up this weekend with sounds of gun shots everywhere.

On Saturday, 49 people in an Orlando gay night club were killed and 53 injured in the deadliest mass shooting to ever happen in America.

The gun man and killer, Omar Mateen, 29. Reports say he was pledged to the Islamic State or Daesh. He was interviewed by F.B.I. in both 2013 and 2014 but was found not to be a  threat according to the F.B.I.

I have been so sad about this since the minute I heard. At first when I watched the news, the death count was 20 and 12 injured. My heart sank a little further as the count rose each minute passing.

What I think

I think we need to stop talking about Omar Mateen.

Forget his name forever, because this is what he wanted.


Networks like CNN are giving audiences a full biography on the man who decided to open fire at innocent people most likely because he hated the LGBTQ community.

Why in the world do we need to know where he grew up, when he got married, or where he worked?

What does this do?

It makes the killer famous.

It makes the story go viral, but not for the right reasons.

We should be talking about gun control, but instead we are talking about what this guy did for a living.

Gun control is such an issue for America, but why is it that these things have to happen for people to actual open their eyes and say “you know maybe we should have stricter laws for attaining guns in our country.”

And I am not going to sit here and preach, because too many have already done so.

But, let this be the final thing that makes America step up to the plate and protect their peoples’ lives. Because right now, I would fear for my life if I lived anywhere in the “great” United States of America, and not just because Trump could be the next president.

My prayers and thoughts go to the families and friends of the victims in this horrible tragedy.



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