Celebrities on Vacation, You Know Being Famous

So since it’s summer time, I thought I would dedicate a post to celebs enjoying their vacation in the sun!

You know, so we can gaze into the lives of the rich and famous to see how they vacation (even though their entire lives since to be a vacay but ya know).

MEXICO-  Country superstar and ab goddess, Carrie Underwood and NHL player, Mike Fisher are giving us major vacation-envy right now with this new photos of them in Mexico.

The couple is celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary, which is July 10 if you were wondering, in Cabo San Lucas.

Underwood is sporting a bathing suit from the Calia by Carrie brand, and can I just say, her body is so banging is unbelievable.

The couple share a son together, Issiah Michael Fisher, who was born in 2015.

Carrie Underwood smears sunscreen on husband, Mike Fisher’s back in Mexico during their anniversary vacation. Photo Source: FAME FLYNET PICTURES. 


CANNES, FRANCE- International star Ricky Martin is really quite enjoying his summer.

How do we know?

The evidence comes from Instagram, where the singer posted a video of him and his six-year-old twins, Valentino and Matteo, performing their very best cannon balls.

Martin, his twins and new boyfriend, Jwan Yosef, are currently in Cannes, France on vacation.

Martin first appeared with his new beau on the red carpet in April in Brazil.

Ricky Martin confirmed his relationship with Jwan Yosef in April where they attended a red carpet event in Brazil together. Photo Source: Splash News. 

This is the first time Martin has publicly shown his children with him and his partner.

Ricky Martin and his twins, Valentino and Matteo, in Sydney, Australia in 2013. Photo Source: Splash News. 

Check out the adorable video right here!

Over in Italy, Mariah Carey and her twins are on vacation as well!

Carey is joined by fiance James Packer, pictured on a boat together below, looking happy as ever.

Photo Source: Instagram.

The 46-year-old pop star diva spent her Fourth of July weekend on and near the island of Capri, located in southern Italy.

She has also has been spending time in Ponza with her 48-year-old billionaire fiance and 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

Mariah Carey’s daughter (fathered by ex-husband Nick Cannon), Moroccan, enjoys some strawberry ice cream on Packer’s boat. Photo Source: Instagram.
Photo Source: Instagram.

The couple spent time on Packer’s 280-foot yacht, called the Arctic P.

The family dined on the shore and celebrated with music producer David Geffen.

The couple was spotted in Capri on Thursday.

Carey has been publicly posting her vacation getaway with her family on Instagram.

HAWAII- The doctors are in.

Like normal co-workers,”Greys Anatomy” co-stars Jesse Williams and Ellen Pompeo go on vacation together.

While vacationing in Hawaii, the pair snapped a picture together, Pompeo standing steady on a paddle board, while Williams stands in the water.

Jesse-Williams-Ellen-Pompeo-Vacation-Pictures-July-2016 (1).jpg
Photo Source: Instagram. 

Pompeo took to Instagram to share the photo captioning it,  “When you vacation with @ijessewilliams and he’s afraid to lose to you in a paddle board race.”

Moments later, she took a quick Snapchat video of the two them, Williams hilariously pushing Pompeo off the paddle board!

The caption read, “When you talk to [sic] much smack to @ijessewilliams.”

Photo Source: Snapchat. 

MIAMI, FLORIDA- Keeping with the tropical theme..

Justin Bieber honestly looks like he is always on vacation in some beautiful island, so of course we have to mention him.

Bieber has been soaking up the Miami sun for the past couple of days, doing many water activities.

Justin Bieber chilling in Miami. Photo Source: Splash News.

Just days ago, Bieber was photographed wake boarding in his undies.

Justin Bieber hit the water in his Calvins during his Miami vacation. Photo Source: Splash News. 
Photo Source: Just Jared. 

On Friday, he was spotted chilling on a yacht with a model, Alexandra Rodriguez and his little brother, Jaxon.

Look through these photos and live through them, my friends. I swear you’ll be sipping sangria next to Bieber in your dreams soon!




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