Forbes Releases Top Earners of 2016

Okay so I know we already all know celebs make a lot of money… like a ton. But I always love when Forbes releases the list of the top earners of the year because it really goes to show you who is smart with their money.

Forbes recently just released their Top 100 list for 2016. It includes singers, comedians, writers, musicians, and more.

10. Rush Limbaugh: The political talk show host has been racking in on the antics of the latest presidential election, bringing in $79 million.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

9. Adele: Making her comeback from her album 21, Adele does it bigger than ever. Releasing the album of the year, 25, breaking records in its first week of release. She has been on tour for most of 2016 and will remain selling out stadiums. She earned about $80.5 million. 

Photo Source: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson.

8. Lionel Messi: Wasn’t I just talking about the soccer star being sentenced to prison after being found guilty for tax fraud? Ya that’s the same guy. Messi has had a consistency of being on this list, being one of the only two in the top ten. According to Forbes, Messi has earned just around $81.5 million.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

7. Howard Stern: The awful and raunchy Howard Stern lands in the top ten earned $85 million this year. With his major deal with Sirius XM Radio Deal, the talk show host will remain on air for another five years.

Howard Stern on his show, “The Howard Stern Show. Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

6. Kevin Hart: According to Forbes, Kevin Hart is the first comedian to surpass the great Jerry Seinfeld for income, bringing in $87.5 million. Last year, Hart just managed to land on the 100th spot, now he’s at the top ten.

2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
Photo Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

4. (tie) Cristiano Ronaldo: As the world’s highest-paid athlete, Ronaldo remains on top of his money making game. This year he earned $88 million, and his team Portugal just won the EuroCup. Unfortunate for Real Madrid, it is them who are paying for most of his income to keep his prodigious skill on their side. Of course, he also has major sponsors backing him up as well.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

4. (tie) Dr.  Phil McGraw: Tying with the world’s highest-paid athlete feels pretty good eh Philly? The TV personality and talk show host is making more than he ever has. With his growing popularity with his show, “Dr. Phil,” a health app and medication partnerships, the doc is making that sweet $88 million.

Dr Phil interviews Michelle Knight, the woman kidnapped and kept in captivity by a man for over 10 years. Photo Source: Dr Phil Show.

3. James Patterson: A best-selling author, Patterson has impressed readers with his output, earning him a steady rise up the earnings ranks. Clearly when your book gets made into a successful tv adaptation, you bring in the money, $95 million that is.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

2. One Direction: The British boy band might have lost a member and currently on a break, the group racked in a ton of money from their stadium tour in 2016. Zayn leaving had no real effect on them financially, the group earned $110 million.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

1. Taylor Swift: Of course, it’s just a Swift world, we are just living in it. The pop star earned a whopping $170 million in 2016 from touring, her game, and her wild success of 1989. So yes Taylor, your takeover has been completed.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.



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