Covering All The Bases for that West, Swift, Kardashian Feud

Okay, so most of your timelines are probably filled with the latest beef in the Taylor Swift vs. Kayne West and Kim Kardashian feud, BUT I must talk about it since, well, it is the top story of the day.

I will explain it very carefully for everyone who was hiding under a rock today.

The Beginning 

In 2009, Kayne West interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech at the MTV Music Awards for Video of the Year.

Swift won for “You Belong With Me,” but West stepped out on stage, grabbed the mic from Swift and announced to the world even though he loved Swift’s video, he thought Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” deserved the award.

Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

Since then, Swift and West have always been in this media feud, never posing for pictures together, all that stuff.

The Reconciliation 

Then, just when we thought West would never apolgize, he did in 2015.

At the Grammy‘s, West took pictures with Swift, and seemed to apologise to the pop star.

Kim Kardashian, West’s wife, was even in some pictures as well.

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the 2015 Grammy awards. Photo Source: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS.

The Turn Around

Then fast forward to February 2016, to the release of West’s song, “Famous.”

In the song, the lyric, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why?/ I made that bitch famous,” shocked the world, but made people love the song more.

West shocked the world when he tweeted Swift approved of the song and the lyric, speaking to her months before release on the phone.

Swift quickly denied this statement, and also took a public stab at West during her acceptance speech at 2016 Grammy‘s when she said, “There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame.” 


Getting To The Truth

Enter Kim Kardashian.

In June, Kardashian did her first American GQ cover for their 10th annual Love, Sex & Madness issue.

In the interview, Kardashian stood up for her husband, saying West never lied about Swift’s approval of the lyric, even having documented proof.

She totally approved that,” said the reality star.

Photo Source: GQ.

She continued, “She totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like didn’t. I swear, my husband gets so much shit for thing (when) he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved. What rapper would call a girl that he was rapping a line about to get approval?


Fast forward to last night.

In a series of” target=”_blank”>Snapchat videos, Kardashian successfully disproved Swift’s denial of the approval of the lyric.

In the video, it is West on the phone with Swift, asking her about the lyric.

The kicker?

He only says the first part of the lyric, leaving out, “I made that bitch famous.”

Here is the full transcript,

Kanye West: You still got the Nashville number?

Taylor Swift: I still have the Nashville um, area code but I had to change it.

KW: For all my southside n***** that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.

TS: I’m like this close to over exposure…

KW: Oh well this this one, I think this is a really cool thing to have, uh…

TS: I know, I mean it’s like a compliment kind of.

KW: All I give a fuck about is just you as a person and as a friend I want things that make…

TS: That’s sweet.

KW: I don’t want to do rap that makes people feel bad.

TS: Um, yeah I mean go with whatever line you think is better. It’s obviously very tongue in cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.

KW: Yeah, I just had a responsibility to you as a friend, you know, and thanks for being like so cool about it.

TS: Aw thanks. Yeah I really appreciate it. The heads up is soo nice, and I really appreciate it and I never would’ve expected you to tell me about a line in one of your songs. And the flowers that you sent me, I like Instagrammed a picture of them and it’s the most Instagram likes I’ve ever gotten it was like 2.7…

KW: Relationships are more important than punchlines, you know.

TS: Yeah, I mean I don’t think anybody would listen to that and be like oh that’s a real diss, like she must be crying. You’ve gotta tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way that you experienced it. Like you honestly didn’t know who I was before that. It doesn’t matter if I sold 7 million of that album before you did that, which is what happened. You didn’t know who I was before that it’s fine. I might be that I can make these things happen that I create these things and concepts and like I’m always going to respect you and I’m really glad that you have the respect to call me and tell me that this time about the song and… It’s just like a really cool thing to do like and it really shows the friendship so thank you.

KW: Thank you too.

TS: And you know if people ask me about it I think it would great for me to be like look he called me and told me the line before it came out like so jokes on you guys we’re fine. You guys want to call this a feud you want to call this throwing shade. Right after the song comes out I’m going to be on a Grammy red carpet and I’m gonna be like, He called me. Yeah, she does, it made her famous. You know, it’s more provocative to say “Might still have sex”… it’s’s doesn’t matter to me. There’s not one that hurts my feelings and one that doesn’t.

Then, Swift Instagramed this statement after Kardashian posted the videos.

Photo Source: Instagram.

Hopefully this feud will end, but apparently recording a phone call without the other party’s consent is illegal. West and Kardashian could face charges if Swift proceeds with them. 



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