This Weekend At the Movies: Bourne Is Back, Animation Rules and Bad Moms Are Cool Too

Good evening readers! I hope everyone is ready to kick this week’s butt, cause I know I am!

Over the long weekend, the North American box office brought us new summer blockbusters.

Coming back with a bang, “Jason Bourne” crashes into the No.1 spot in its debut weekend.

Jason Bourne (2016)
Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne for the fifth instalment of the Bourne series. Photo Source: Universal. 

The film, the fifth instalment in the Bourne series, earned $59.2 million this weekend.

Many reviewers are praising the film, saying the “explosive” reunion of Bourne director Paul Greengrass and Bourne actor Matt Damon makes the film a “bold and eerily topical masterpiece.”

Damon spoke to Entertainment Weekly on his actor-director relationship with Greengrass, stating he would do anything for the Bourne series and Greengrass himself.

“I’m tied to Paul, whatever he wants to do,” says Damon.

Matt Damon has been all over this week promoting for the latest Jason Bourne film. Photo Source:

The film follows the most dangerous former operative of the CIA (Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon) who is forced out of hiding to uncover hidden secrets of his path.


The film stars Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, and Julia Stiles.

Landing in the second spot this weekend, “Star Trek Beyond,” earns $24.75 million.

The Paramount sci-fi film is the third in its own series attached with the famous franchise.

In North America alone, the summer blockbuster has earned over $100 million in just two weeks of release.

Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and Zoe Saldana, the film follows the USS Enterprise crew. They have reached the furthest of uncharted space where they encounter a new enemy, putting them and everything the Federation stands for on the line.

Photo Source: Paramount.

Director Justin Lin replaced “Star Trek” director J.J Abrams, who was an executive producer on this film.

J.J Abrams and Justin Lin being interviewed to promote the film, “Star Trek Beyond,” for Photo Source:

Lin is known in the movie industry for his directing skills on three of the instalments in the “Fast & Furious” series, including “Fast & Furious 6.”

Critics claim the film nailed the “aesthetics and spirit” of the franchise.

The entire cast of “Star Trek Beyond” together at the U.K. premiere in London. Photo Source: PA IMAGES / IAN WEST/PA WIRE.

“Bad Moms,” premiered at the third spot this weekend.

Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn star in this raunchy female comedy. Photo Source: STX.


The raunchy comedy, written by the people from “The Hangover” series, earned $23.8 million this weekend.

Packed with female stardom, the film has Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo.

The entire cast of moms in the comedy “Bad Moms.” Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES. 


The movie is extremely relatable.

It follows three overworked and completely under-appreicated mothers (Kunis, Bell and Hahn). When they are pushed beyond their limits and sanity, they ditch the responsibilities for some long overdue freedom and fun.

Every thought a mother has had is in this movie.

Popsugar sat down with Kunis, Bell and Hahn to discuss the film, and why being a bad mom isn’t such a bad thing.

Bell, a mom of two herself, revealed any mom knows they aren’t perfect, but saying it out loud was empowering.

“I find when I mention it, people are excited about the topic. They find it refreshing what we’re saying about motherhood,”

I saw this film on the weekend, it is freaking hilarious.

So many f bombs.

Such a great cast and the writing is amazing.

It really is funny but in such a truthful way.

Falling two spots this weekend, “The Secret Life of Pets,” tip toes its way to the fourth spot.

maxresdefault (10)
Ever wonder what your pet does all day? This animated flick tells us just that. Photo Source: Universal.

The film has been in theatres for four weeks and is still making head way in the top ten.

The Universal hit earned $18.92 million over the long weekend.

The New York Daily said it perfectly.

The animated film is “hilarious, sweet and fun.”

It is for all ages and packed with a star cast, including the voices of C.K. Louis, Eric Stonestreet from “Modern Family,” comedian Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate and Albert Brooks.

The very funny and very full cast of “The Secret Life of Pets.” Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES. 

The animated movies keep up the streak this weekend with “Ice Age: Collision Centre” sliding into fifth place.

The fifth instalment brings in familiar voices such as Ray Ramano, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo. Photo Source: Fox. 

The fifth instalment in the “Ice Age” series earned $10.99 million this weekend, grossing $42.6 million in two weeks.

Here is what the remaining of the top ten looked like this weekend,

6. The horror film, “Lights Out,” is at No.7 this weekend, earning $10.80 million this weekend.

7. The all female-cast “Ghostbusters,” fell two spots this weekend, earning $10.13 million this weekend.

8. “Nerve,” starring Emma Watson and Dave Franco debuted at No.8 earning $9.45 million.

9. “Finding Dory,” finds itself as the bottom feeder of the list, earning $4.32 million.

10. “The Legend of Tarzan,” rounds out the top ten, earning $2.47 million.




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