Cara Delevingne Gives It To Us Straight; She Cries Like Every Other Human

“Suicide Squad”‘s super model turned actress Cara Delevingne graces the cover of Elle for their September issue, discussing everything from the major turning points in her career, to addressing any regrets or mistakes she has ever made in her life.

Here is the Elle cover for the September issue. Photo Source: TERRY TSIOLIS FOR ELLE. 

The issue is out Aug. 16, but the magazine gave us sneak peak of the interview on their website.

Delevingne started acting in 2012, when she landed the role of Princess Sorokina in the film adaptation of “Anna Karenina,” alongside blockbuster star Keira Knightley.

Since then, she has kept up with acting, in both the film world (in the 2014 film, “The Face of an Angel” with actress Kate Beckinsale) and the television world (appearing in the final episode of the third and final season of “Playhouse Presents” in 2014).

But it wasn’t until Delevingne starred in the 2015 film, “Paper Towns,” when film critics started to notice the 23-year-old.

Reviewing the film, Variety said Delevingne was “the real find of the film“, continuing on with “on the evidence of her work here, this striking actress is here to stay.”

And staying is what she has been doing, capturing the attention of fans everywhere after she announced she would star in the highly anticipated anti-hero Marvel film, “Suicide Squad” (out Aug. 5).

The supermodel, who has walked for designers like Burberry, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, Moschino, and Stella McCartney, loves being honest with her fans about being in the public eye constantly, and how she overcomes her emotions.

Delevingne admits yoga is the hobby that gets her through her powerful emotions. Photo Source: TERRY TSIOLIS FOR ELLE.

“For me, yoga’s the only way I can really feel things and check how I am. Because there is always pain somewhere, even if it’s completely irrational pain, and it’s always good to find it and get it out,” the “Suicide Squad” star told the mag.

If I don’t cry pretty much every day I will hold it in, and it will manifest in me in things that are destructive, like my skin.”

She also spoke on why she speaks out against issues such as bullying, saying she has had those same experiences and would never want her fans to feel alone.

“I couldn’t just sit there and listen to these girls, and boys, too, but usually girls, say this stuff, about bullying, about their sexuality, depression, and guilt and suicidal thoughts and just all of it, without being like, ‘I have been through that, and it’s going to be okay.’ If I can help a teenager go through a better time than they should be, then I am going to fucking do that,” said the 23-year-old.

Delevingne sports a short Saint Laurent black dress. Photo Source: TERRY TSIOLIS FOR ELLE.

” I mean, fucking being a teenager suuuccccks. And I somehow came through the other end.”

Delevingne also opens up about some of the best advice she has ever gotten, and of course it comes from a “Suicide Squad” cast member.

Will Smith was telling me he brought up his kids to put their emotions first, and when I heard that, I was just like, ‘Oh my God, that sounds like a fairy tale,’ ” she says. “Because emotions should be put first. It’s the most important thing. No, I’m not going to start crying.”

Sporting a Gucci coat, Delevingne seems very comfortable in designer clothes. Photo Source: TERRY TSIOLIS FOR ELLE.

Delevingne is one of the realest people in Hollywood in my opinion.

I say this with confidence because I feel like she is never bullshitting fans.

I mean what actress tells the world she cries at least once a day…  I mean the very thought to actually be a human when your famous.


Actors usually do not want to express their feelings over bullying or haters, trying to stay strong to show they aren’t beaten down by it.

But the sad truth is, everyone feels beaten down by it sometimes. It can get the best of people.

Bullying is a serious problem in our world, and addressing it openly and honestly is only the beginning of the end for bullying.






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