Mindy Kaling Discusses What It’s Like To Be On Hulu, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Tease Future Wedding, and Rene Zellweger Fights Back

The weekend is finally here my friends! That means it is time to relax and read up on all your favourite celebrity gossip and headlines, and I am here to give them to you!

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are hinting at  future possible wedding plans.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Photo Source: Todd Williamson/BBMA2016/Getty Images for Billboard.

According to PEOPLE, Stefani, 46 and Shelton, 40, aren’t officially engaged, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tease plans to walk down the aisle sometime in the future.

“Rumors are circulating in their circle that they’ve begun preparations for a wedding,” according to a PEOPLE source. “There’s no date set, but they’re planning ahead and having fun talking about it.”

Over the last nine months, the couple, who met on “The Voice” as coaches/judges, have become very serious.

Meeting families, and spending quality time together- most recently over the Fourth of July weekend.

I think these two probably won’t get married.

I think Shelton was crushed when his marriage ended to country singer Miranda Lambert, and as we know Stefani was devastated after splitting from now-ex husband Gavin Rossdale.

But you never know, we could be hearing wedding bells any time now. 

In television news, Mindy Kaling discusses Season 5 of her show, “The Mindy Project,” and how being on Hulu changed her whole perspective on television.

“The Mindy Project” is set for its fifth season starting in October. Photo Source: Jordin Althhaus/Universal Television.

On Friday, Kaling and fellow executive producer, Matt Warburton, spoke to critics on how working for Hulu is far easier in certain ways then being on a big network (such as the show’s former host, Fox).

Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton speaking to critics about their upcoming season for “The Mindy Project.” Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

“The single best improvement in my life is not working for people who are focused on the number of people who are watching [the show],” Kaling said.

Hulu didn’t even bother with the viewership numbers, something Fox was always worried about with the show.

“The Mindy Project” moved to the popular streaming service last year after struggling for 3 seasons to get the ratings Fox was looking for.

Warburton and Kaling also explained working for Hulu is easier creatively because they tell them up front how many episodes will be ordered for that season (as opposed to breaking up the season with 13 inital episodes, and then waiting to see how those episodes perform before potentially adding more midseason, according to Entertainment Weekly).

Executives were apparently easier to handle as well.

“I’ve found [Hulu’s] notes come from largely a very creative place rather than, ‘We have an [actor that] we have a holding deal with on another show, so can you use them on your show in a way that’s not organic?’” Kaling said. “[Broadcast network notes are] more business driven.”

I LOVE this show, but you always wonder if this is coming from a place of success of bitterness..

I mean Season 4 had 26 episodes, and Hulu cut it this season to 16 episodes.

That is kinda important to know.

“The Mindy Project” Season 5 will premiere on Hulu Oct. 4.

I will leave you with this amazing op-ed by actress Renee Zellweger for Huffington Post.

Photo Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for ELLE.

Entitled, “We Can Do Better,” the 47-year-old actress slammed media coverage of appearance she made in 2014 and the double standard women face in the public eye.

It is so powerful, I just want to leave the link here and allow you to take it in.







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