Rapper Tyga’s Legal Problems Over and Done With

Seems like rapper Tyga is in the clear for recent legal problems, involving his former landlord.

Photo Source: Matt Summer.

An arrest warrant was issued for the rapper after he failed to appear for his court hearing with his landlord earlier this week in his eviction case.

Apparently Tyga and his legal team were able to reach a settlement deal with his landlord.

“There has been a settlement reached to the mutual satisfaction of the parties,” Danny Abir, of Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP, tells E! News.

“My law partner Boris Treyzon intends to appear in court tomorrow morning (Friday) to request the court to quash the bench warrant due to the settlement of the parties.”

According to court documents, the 26-year-old has agreed to pay $16,000 per month for the plaintiff’s house.

The “Stimulated” rapper allegedly stopped paying rent three months after moving in.

The landlord tried to get him evicted, and Tyga eventually abandoned the house “sometime prior” to Oct. 31 2012.

The plaintiff also told the court after the rapper moved out, there was significant damage to the home, including damage to bathroom tiles and tearing off the automatic gate opener.

The cost of the damage is pretty high,  $480,285, but according to documents Tyga hasn’t paid anything yet.

Tyga is currently out of the country with girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, celebrating her 19th birthday with close friends and family.




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  1. nam sau hoac nam sau nua hay cho chau co em gai chu. Dao nay no do keu roi, hihi biet rut kinh nghiem! Chuc mung nam moi hai em va chau nhe.


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