Shia LaBeouf Comes Back Into the Spotlight, Kelly Ripa Wants YOU As Her Co-Host, and Forbes Reveals Top Earners in the Music World

Happy hump day my friends!

It’s Wednesday, September 7th and here is what’s making headlines.

Still no word on who will be Kelly Ripa‘s permanent co-host will be for “Live! With Kelly.”

Anderson Cooper is just one of the names being put out there to be Kelly Ripa’s new permanent co-host on “Live! With Kelly.” Photo Source: WABC.

After a long summer, fans were anticipating a huge reveal during the fall season premiere on Monday, but were left disappointed.


But Ripa announced the next co-host could be YOU!

On Wednesday, Ripa revealed a new contest for the live show in which audience members can enter to win the chance to be her new co-host by sending in a video explaining why they deserve the opportunity.

“Now you have the chance to prove it,” Ripa said in response to claims that her job is easy.

Hopefuls have until Sept. 20th to apply!

Now the gig is only for the day, but how smart is this of the “Live” team to do this?

It continues the conversation of who will be the new co-host, but it also creates buzz and excitement around the idea that anyone could be chosen for the gig permanently.

Still missing my man Michael Strahan but I still love watching Kelly Ripa every morning.

In music news, Forbes released their annual list of highest-paid acts in the music world.

On a two-year streak, Diddy takes the No.1 spot.

The rapper/business mogul topped the list with an earning of $62 million in the past year.

Closely behind him is good friend and fellow rapper Jay Z.

Jay Z managed to make $53.3 million in the last year without even releasing an album in 2016.

Forbes points out the two rappers are not just making money from there music, but their various business ventures and endorsements as well.

Photo Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.

Diddy has multiple deals with companies such as,

  • Ciroc vodka
  • Television network Revolt
  • Sean John clothing line
  • Alkaline water brand Aquahydrate

For Jay Z he has many ventures of his own including,

  • Roc Nation entertainment company
  • D’Usse cognac
  • Brignac champagne

So let’s just say these men are getting PAAAAIIID.

Others who made the top five include,

  • Dr. Dre: $41 million
  • Drake: $38.5 million
  • Wiz Khalifa: $24 million

OH and p.s. the only female artist who made the list was Nicki Minaj and girl was at the No.6 spot with $20.5 million, so kudos to her.

I am going to leave you with Variety’s latest interview with Shia LaBeouf.


LaBeouf has had a tough couple of years, with multiple failed performance art attempts, tons of reports claiming he is on the verge of a breakdown and on to an exit out of Hollywood.

Photo Source: JIRI TUREK for Variety.

But the former Disney star is speaking up in this latest interview, speaking on being sober for a year, how working with Steven Speilberg is not what it’s cracked up to be, and where he is now in his life after 15 years in the movie industry.

Photo Source: JIRI TUREK

Do yourselves a favour and check out this article.

Be advised LaBeouf loves to swear, but what he says allows audiences to understand where the hell his mind has been for these past couple of years.





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