Royal Watch: Will and Kate Are Officially Bringing George and Charlotte on Canada Tour

Prince William and Kate Middleton are heading to Canada later this month and will be officially bringing their children, George and Charlotte along for the ride.

The royal family will be touring British Columbia to enjoy the outdoors of the beautiful country. Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

The royal couple’s visit will focus on Victoria, British Columbia, where they will stay at the Government House.

“They are spending a considerable amount of time in one or two places rather than having to dart across the country,” their spokesperson said, “so they really hope to get a real sense of British Columbia in particular.”

The eight-day tour starts on Sept. 24 and will be a first for Princess Charlotte, 16 months.

Whereas for George, he has travelled to both New Zealand and Australia with Will and Kate.

“They really enjoyed taking Prince George to New Zealand and Australia and are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce them to Canada.”

Both Will and Kate are “looking forward” to their visit in Canada.

William and Kate married in 2011. Photo Source: GETTY IMAGES.

“This is a great opportunity for them to introduce their children to a major realm before things like school start to make these things difficult later on,” a spokesman said at a Buckingham Palace briefing Monday.

This will be the royal couple’s second time travelling to Canada together, the first was in 2011, not long after their wedding.

“It is a largely casual, highly outdoors tour,” the couple’s spokesperson told reporters. “There will be the usual government formal moments, but they’ll getting out there and getting to meet Canadians face-to-face in all sorts of different settings.”


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