Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Wants You to Vote

Many celebrities have been joining the fight in encouraging Americans to vote in this year’s presidential election.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the most recent celeb to join in on encouraging young voters to get out and speak their minds.

Photo Source: Alberto Rodriguez/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV.

Currently filiming “Jumanji’ in Hawaii, Johnson enlisted his production team at Seven Bucks Production to create a song that talks about how registering to vote takes no time at all.

“Did you know it takes approximately a minute and 34 seconds to register to vote? Ninety-four seconds to register to vote,” The Rock says to the camera.

And boy does he drive the point home ..

“You can tie your shoes, you can sing the blues / You can go out and bitch slap a candy-ass jabroni if you choose,” the production crew sings.

“You can drink a beer, you can throw a spear / You can kill a lion with your bare hands, my dear…”

Other celebs like Katy Perry and Madonna have all taken to the Internet to get people to vote. But unlike the Rock’s choice of music, these two female celebs chose to strip down for the cause.

Katy Perry released a video with the popular Funny or Die series. In the video, Perry says you can vote however you’d like, dressed in pajamas or not at all.

Whereas Madonna praised Perry, stating she was going naked for the cause too.

The “Ray of Light” songstress posted a nude selfie and said she was joining Perry’s mission. “Im voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She’s the Best we got!,” she tweeted, adding American flag emojis. “Nude Voting series # 1.”

Americans will get the chance to vote on election day on Tuesday Nov. 8th.






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