Here are Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors of 2016

Forbes recently released their annual list of Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors of 2016.

I always find these types of end of the year lists. If these actors are in films in 2017, I probably will not go see them because I do not want to contribute to an already overly paid actor’s career.

So here is the list starting with No.10..

10. Bradley Cooper
Box office return: $12.10 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: 20th Century Fox. Bradley Cooper starred in “Joy” with Jennifer Lawerence, where he played executive producer Neil Walker.




Cooper’s two main films this year were Joy and Aloha.  Joy, where Cooper starred alongside with Jennifer Lawerence, did not impress critics.

The film did very well in the box office though, making just over $101 million on a $60 million budget.

Aloha was also a bust, failing to even make back its $37 million budget.

Come on Bradley, you were so good in The Hangover and then after all those sequels, you went down hill. Pick it back up, we all know you can!

9. Julia Roberts
Box office return: $10.80 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: TriStar Pictures. Julia Roberts starred in Jodie Foster’s “Money Monster” with friend and fellow actor George Clooney.

Roberts is one of my favourite actresses, so I am very disappointed she made the top ten. But looking at the movies she did this year, it doesn’t really surprise me.

Roberts’ films like Money Monster and Mother’s Day were both “meh” type of movies, according to the critics. Though her total pay is considerably lower than the rest of the top ten on the list, the poor box office results have completely destroyed her return ratio. This year, Roberts is the only female on the top ten list.

8. Leonardo Di Caprio
Box office return: $9.90 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: Paramount Pictures. Lenardo Di Caprio’s “Wolf of Wall Street” character blew audiences away in 2013, paving the way for his Oscar win in 2016.

Though Di Caprio did exceptionally well this year, winning his first Oscar for his film The Revenant, his return ratio is just not there.

Both his films The Revenant (2016) and Wolf of Wall Street (2013) did exceptionally well in the box office, and because of this, investors see the value in Di Caprio, therefore they are willing to over pay him to be in the film.

7. Mark Walhberg
Box office return: $9.20 for every $1 paid

download (3).jpg
Photo Source: Paramount Pictures. (left) Will Ferrell and (right) Mark Walhberg did exceptionally well with their hit “Daddy’s Home” in 2016, earning $240 million worldwide.

This year, Walhberg took to his comedy roots when he joined the cast for Daddy’s Home. The film, who also starred Will Ferrell, did exceptionally well in the box office.

Unfortunately for the actor, his average is still paying the price from the 2014 film, The Gambler. The film grossed just a bit more than its $25 million estimated production budget.

6. Adam Sandler
Box office return: $7.60 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: Columbia Pictures. Sandler has done some serious damage on his average, but clearly audiences still want more of him. Recently, he has been using Netflix as a way to target his audience better.

No surprise here. Sandler usually makes the top ten every year due to his poor choices in what films he appears in.

He is still suffering from 2015 films like Pixels Blended, and Grown Ups 2.  Sandler made a step in the right direction in 2014, when he signed an agreement with Netflix, worth an estimated $240 million, that will prevent costly theatrical releases. It will distribute Sandler’s rauchy, hilarious comedies to his main target audience- the lazy, couch potato.

5. George Clooney
Box office return: $6.70 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: TriStar Pictures. George Clooney is known for his daring good looks and acting chops. But his recent films have not been resonating with audiences.


Clooney hasn’t been doing well with audiences in 2016. The critics loved his role in Hail! Caesar, but movie-goers did not. Money Monster, where he starred alongside fellow list member Julia Roberts, did a bit better.

But like others on this list, Clooney is suffering from past films. 2015’s Tommorowland has taken a huge hit on the 55-year-old actor. The film barely grossed more than its massive $190 million budget.

4. Will Ferrell
Box office return:$6.50 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: Paramount Pictures. Will Ferrell isn’t new to this list. Last year, he was placed in the fourth position.


Last year, Ferrell ranked third on this list, so he is making progress.

Zoolander 2 took a complete nose dive, Rotten Tomatoes gave a 23% approval rating. The film managed to earn just $56 million, on a $50 million budget.

3. Channing Tatum
Box office return: $6 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: Warner Bros. Pictures.  With the sequel of “Magic Mike” doing exceptionally well, Channing Tatum did very well in 2016.

Tatum had a successful year, starring in the successful Magic Mike XXL. The sequel made a whopping $122 million on a $14.2 million budget. His average is being dragged down by his flop Jupiter Ascending, which came out in 2015.

2. Will Smith
Box office return: $5 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: Columbia Pictures. Will Smith is an exceptional actor, but it seems like investors just believe in him too much.

Smith’s two big films this year, Concussion and Suicide Squad, were both flops at the box office. Though Concussion earned him an Oscar nod, the movie barely covered its $34 million budget. A combination of Smith’s huge pay cheques and recent box office disappointments has caused his ratio to suffer tremendously.

So who do you think is at the No.1 spot?

1. Johnny Depp
Box office return: $2.80 for every $1 paid

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios. Johnny Depp has had a whirlwind of a year. His movies unfortunately suffered along with his love life this year.


For the second year in a row, Depp is Hollywood’s most overpaid actor.

Alice Through the Looking Glass completely bombed at the box office, grossing just $300 million on a $170 million budget. Unfortunately for Depp, this movie was released in May, the time when a judge ordered a restraining order against Depp after he allegedly verbally and physically abused his wife, Amber Heard.

Though the accusations did not necessarily hurt Depp during the scoring period for the list, Forbes is expecting these allegations to hurt him tremendously in the coming months.

So there you have it, friends. What do you think of those who made the list this year? Any surprises? Let me know by commenting below!



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