Ed Sheeran surprises us with new boy band project

How much do you miss boy bands like One Direction, Backstreet Boys, and NSync? Well do not fear my friends, Ed Sheeran is pulling out his inner Simon Cowell to make our boy band dreams come true.

In his latest interview with Rolling Stone, Sheeran reveals he is in the middle of the auditioning period to put together the ultimate boy band.

According to singer-songwriter, who is behind hits like “Thinking Out Loud” and “Shape of You”he already has written a ton of music for the upcoming band. Sheeran says the songs are “really, really decent.”

“Superpop, but obviously credible,” is how Sheeran described the music.  “I’m gonna put three or four boys together and do all the songs, take them on the stadium tour with me.”

Ed isn’t a newbie when it comes to boy bands. He wrote many soft ballads for the ever-so popular One Direction, so he knows how to pull on our heart strings.

While there is no word yet on who the lucky lads will be, but it could be a huge launch to fame. We all saw the success of One Direction…and with their recent disbandment, what better time to launch a boy group then now?

Featured Image: WikiMedia Commons

Love Ed Sheeran? Check out his latest album from Ed Sheeran, Divide. 


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