Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen settle class-action lawsuit

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have agreed to pay out up to $140,000 in an effort to settle a class-action lawsuit interns brought against them.

The Full House stars and fashion designers are believed to be worth $300 million, mostly due to their luxury label The Row.

The Lawsuit

In 2015, around 40 current and past interns for Dualstar Entertainment Group, which released the Olsens’ film New York Minute and also provides their fashion apparel, brought a class-action lawsuit against the company at a New York Supreme Court. The interns alleged they were either unpaid or paid less than the minimum wage after working overtime.


Since then, around 180 interns have come forward and are eligible for a payout. Under the terms of the lawsuit’s settlement, the twins’company has agreed to pay every claimant who applies and qualifies. The compensation will be $530, according to a preliminary statement released last week. A judge has not yet signed off on the sum.

Former Intern’s Experience

A leading plantiff in the lawsuit, a former design intern and Parsons School of Design grad, claimed in 2012, she was doing “doing the work of three interns.” She said she was talking to her boss “all day, all night. Emails at nighttime for the next day, like 10 p.m. at night.”

She also claimed she worked 50 hours a week “inputting data into spreadsheets, making tech sheets, running personal errands for paid employees, organizing materials, photocopying, sewing, pattern cutting, among other related duties.”

The Olsen twins’company said at time of the allegations were “groundless” and that the group was “committed to treating all individuals fairly and in accordance with all applicable laws.”

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons 


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