Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Hearts Melt This Week


The actor Dwayne Johnson steps up to help a puppy with a life-threatening heart condition.

The puppy found abandoned with his mouth wired shut may have a super happy ending because of the special works of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

On Wednesday, Johnson announced he would save the puppy’s life.

The puppy, a 4 month-old cockapoo was intially found at the North Central Shelter with a “large meal wire wrapped around the bottom portion of his  mouth,” according to a post on the website GoFundMe page set up for the dog’s medical bills.

Surgery was expected to cost $5000, but when Johnson saw this story on social media, he offered his help.

Johnson tweeted, “This is rough to read about. Poor lil pup abandoned with a wire wrapped around his mouth. I’ll help. Stay strong pup.”

He donated $1500 to the page, and combined with other donations, the rescue centre says it will have enough to cover the cost.

The puppy, now known as Dwayne the Rock, will have surgery and once recovered, the centre will look for a new home.

Honestly, this story was something out the ordinary. Celebrities doing philanthropy work never really gets media attention, unless they are endorsing a company, product, etc. Johnson did this out of the kindness of his heart, not because he wanted publicity. This melted the hearts of everyone who read it, no one can lie. Puppies and rescuing them are the best kinds of stories, and adding a happy ending and a celebrity to this mix just makes the best kind of entertainment news.

Nicole, theEntertainmentgirl

source: KTLA



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